Bosfish info

Bosfish is produced in a new, modern factory, with special expertise in the area of production ​​research and development, advanced technology, production management and systematic quality control, which is dedicated to full implementation of the European quality standards and practices good manufacturing practice (Good Manufacturing Practice – GMP). "Bosfish" works with the most sophisticated Swiss technology and American and European recipe. In Europe, we are recognized manufacturer who possesses such technology, and that fact provides to this Group  modern manufacturing platform to expand its presence in the world. „Bosfish“  development strategy aims at producing highly specialized food with a great choice for all types of fish, and pursue research in order to achieve the highest fish food quality and justified economic investment to help our clients achieve the best financial results. We are committed to the fulfillment of a number of environmental requirements in accordance with strict production standards. Today "Bosfish" occupies a leading position in the production of fish feed.




Nutrition and health of the fish is long and healthy life of man